Gymnastics 6 to 12 month old kids

A Springboard to Success for 6 to 12-month-Old Kids

Join us at The Boss Baby Club in Panchkula in this thrilling journey of gymnastics! Our program offers a springboard to success, where kids aged 6 to 12 month can grow their physical strength, mind capabilities, and social skills, all while maintaining a wonderful moment. Enlist your kids today and watch them wing their way to new heights!


Our Gymnastics Classes

For every phase of your kid’s growth- from 6 to 12 month – The Boss Baby Club puts forward various rows of classes that become full of activities, music, learning and chuckling. Your little kids will build friends, hold out growth breakthroughs and set up self-belief while having Serious enjoyment.We put forward two challenging co-ed gymnastics classes tailored to meet the requirements of class school-aged kids.

Beginner Gymnastics Classes

The Boss Baby Club beginner gymnastics undergo is tailored for grade schoolers aged 6-12 years. This class is the ultimate beginning point for young supporter anxious to undertake their gymnastics journey. Whether your kid is proceeding with their first development footstep into the world of gymnastics lessons or a glimpse to perfect their foundational abilities, our class furnish the perfect surrounding for growth, exploring things, and confidence-raising.


Why Choose Beginner Gymnastic

  • A Strong Foundation for Every Kid
  • Individualized Directions for Diverse Ability Levels
  • Structure Confidence Through Victory 
  • Holistic Physical Growth
  • Secure and Expertise at the Front Line

Welcome to the “Intermediate Gymnastics Class” – an outlook opportunity tailored for grade schoolers aged 6-12 years, planned to raise their gymnastic skills. As the name proposes, this class overlaps foundational abilities and modern gymnastics. Here, an easy sideway develops into an elegant round-off, and a primary handstand is modified into an exciting handspring. This class is, where possible, acknowledged, brought up, and smoothly to excellence.

  • Natural Development for Ability Improvement 
  • Holistic Athletic Growth
  • Give Direction That Challenges and Motivates
  • Challenging for Future Challenges
  • Secure and Skillfulness at the Fundamentals

Advanced Gymnastics Classes

Our Advanced Gymnastics Class is an extremely carefully crafted program planned for grade schoolers aged 6-12 who are prepared to raise their gymnastic journey. This class is the highest level of skill growth, where gymnasts enhance their strategies, enfold challenges, and encourage team fellowship.

Why Choose Advanced Gymnastic

  • Skill Improvement at Its Best
  • Challenging Training for Strategy Excellence 
  • Holistic Physical Reinforcement
  • Teamwork and companionship 
  • Professional Guidance and Security

Why Choose Our Gymnastics Program

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Safety First
  • Individualized Learning
  • Holistic Development
  • A Love for Fitness