The kids are growing in today’s world at the Boss Baby club.

Boss Baby Club in Panchkula, Haryana, offers home-like surroundings to the kids with a secure, safe, bring-up, delightful and enjoyably exciting environment. Here, kids have delicious meals, relaxing surrounding and various activities in their footsteps. The Boss Baby kid’s parents are stress-free. They know their kids are in a safe environment with the proper upbringing of the child. Every kid has enjoyed their learning at the best childcare support system. Our professional staff stay attached and have amazing curriculum activities in the undertake care of professionals who are experts in their field. Every kid is important and precious.Our Boss Baby Club strongly focuses on children’s development in different manners like curriculum activities, gymnastics, daycare, Playground and cafe if parents want to spend time with their children so they can stay and have amazing food at boos baby cafe so the kids enjoy their time with their parents

Gymnastics classes

The Boss Baby Club includes the following essential Practices that make learning and knowledge an adventurous activities and motivating individual development.

  • Teachers Facilitating Learning
  • Safe And Secure
  • Healthy Snacks And Feeded Meals
  • Stay Connected

Ages: We offer daycare services for children 10 weeks to 10 years old.


Children will have curriculum activities, gymnastics, gross motor play, meal time, and day camps, aerial yoga.


Daycare is open Monday through Sunday from 10 am to 12 am. We are closed during holidays and will offer every detail and query to the parents.

What You Require

Parents will be required to give all meals (including snacks), rest, and any additional items like lunch, fruits, and juices the child may want during the whole day.

Welcome to Boss Baby Club daycare Learning Center!

Your kid in a safe and structured knowledgeable surrounding at Boss Baby Club daycare in Panchkula, Haryana. Our main aim or goal is to make sure your kid will immensely enjoy their activities with other folks. We have highly dedicated trainers and wonderful programmes. We invite you to learn about our different programs, and feel free to be a part of our family. Choose a daycare centre that is faithful to parents.