Boss Baby Club

Building Strong Foundations, One Little Step at a Time

The Boss Baby Club is a daycare centre for kids between the age group of 10 months – 10years based in Panchkula.

We trust that a kid requires comprehensive learning and knowledge, which aims to make their brain, body and feeling healthy. Kids need an understanding that does not teach them anything; they want an education that makes the surroundings helpful to learning. Our story of love, commitment, and the belief that every kid deserves the chance to grow, learn, and play in an surrounding that encourages physical, communal, and emotional growth.


The Perfect Combo

The Boss Baby class provides an excellent opportunity to learn rhythm and have a great time with friends! Introductory gymnastics techniques are taught, compiling many different styles of forms, including jumping, swing, and cheer moves! We learn how to stretch our muscles at the beginning and end of class, filling the middle with dance instruction, gymnastics practice, and some fun dancing games.

pre school and daycare services

Daycare Is Amazing, Kids Make It Exceptional

The Boss Baby Care Daycare is a safe, sound, secure, and encouraging environment that positively occupies and celebrates kids and their families in Cafe through a first-class childcare support structure.

  • Maintains a Great Quality level 
  • Secure, Hygiene, & Care
  • Experienced Staff
  • Well-level, Age suitable Curriculum
  • Storytime, Music & Bit Part Play
  • Daycare Special Services

The Boss Baby Club is an experience that each kid deserves.

The Boss Baby Club seeks to give your kids the right surroundings for growth and prepare them for future challenges.

In our The Boss Baby Club daycares and preschools, we aspire to provide a nurturing, home-like position for your kid, focusing on the critical role of early childhood growth. We understand the challenges of meeting your kids’ requirements during these developing years in today’s fast-paced world.

The Boss Baby Club Programs

  • Gymnastic
  • Gymnastic (10 months – 10 years)
  • Curriculum
  • Boss Baby Club Camps
  • Day Care
  • Café

Join Us on Our Journey

At Boss Baby Club, our story is endless, and we invite you to participate. Whether you’re a parent searching for the best possible begin for your kid or someone who conveys our passion for kid development, there’s a place for you in our growing community.

As we think about on our journey so far, we are thankful for the trust and support our families have placed in us. Together, we glance ahead to making more effective stories, nourishing more kids intelligence, and structuring a more promising future for the kids.

Thank you for being a part of the Boss Baby Club family. Here’s to numerous more years of growth, learning, and play! Join us today, and let’s continue to create strong foundations, one tiny action at a time.